About Compassionate Cure

Thank you for visiting Compassionate Cure!

This blog is a place to highlight the good that can and is happening as people open their hearts and lead with compassion.

The answer to the worlds problems will not come from warring against the symptoms. It will come as a result of digging deeper into the causes and healing the wounds of those who are troubled and in need of love, concern, support and validation.

The more energy we give to fighting the results of those things being missing, the less energy we have to make progress in the areas that will lead to lasting change.

I hope you'll join us in sharing your stories of compassionate healing and spreading the others you read here far and wide.

There is far more going right in the world than wrong. Let's tip the balance of the messages being broadcast and let those who feel hopeless know there is yet hope! Help us publish peace to a troubled world.

Have a wonderfully compassionate day!

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